So you’ve found us and you want to know what the deal is.  What the hell is “That Compton Hipster Thing”, and how can I get on board?

Glad you asked.

“That Compton Hipster Thing” is your urban flea market.

That hidden gem you want to know about before anyone else.

The place where you will find that L.A. Gear denim jacket?,vintage Guess booties?, oooor that one of a kind handbag your mom rocked in 1985.

Maybe art is your thing.  Maybe you want something more than that ratty “Chronic” album art on your wall.  We have just the right thing so you can make your studio more “Faux London flat” than swapmeet chic.

Or how about quirky crafts?  Looking for that perfect handmade hair accessory or maybe you want someone to create the perfect pair of custom Toms for you…

We have some things you have been dying to get your hands on and in a setting where you can get to know other “urban hipsters” trendsetters like you.

We are looking for inner city artists, vintage fashioners, crafters, and all creative types to come shine and show love.  We know you have been looking for that enviroment that you can let your indie flag fly.  So let’s get it!