I’m 24. I live in Compton.  I’m not into a music scene (I’m so anti hipster) 😛  I’m part owner of a vintage fashion company, and my boss just taught me how to embroider.  If I was a man I’d be an architect, and one day I hope to be covered in Art Deco tattoos.

1/3 of a trinity


Sherida is 25.  She lives in K-Town with her dog and her boyfriend.  If she had to pay to see someone in concert it would be Feist.  She hopes to one day have an art truck for inner city kids, and she will be quick to tell you how she saw “Shiny Toy Guns” when they were still performing in bars for free.

Keiante is also 25.  He lives in Hawthorne.  If you ever meet him, ask him about Jean Claude Van Damme he has an interesting story.  He has a brain full of musical knowledge.  I once seen him draw my face in about 30 seconds on an egg.  (True story)…  Oh and he won a cooking contest making slow roasted lamb.